Airbnb Interior Design

Increase guest occupancy and maximise nightly rates

Are you an airbnb / serviced accommodation operator? 

Having run our own serviced accommodations and rental properties, we know how to style and stage them within reasonable budgets whilst maximising the occupancy and nightly rates.  

Take the stress out of styling your airbnb and have it done professionally leaving you to take the bookings and  profits.

Our interior design will get your property noticed amongst the fierce competition on the web platforms. 

We will create a design that includes durable furnishings, art, accessories, rugs, lifestyle items and accessories - everything you require to turn your property into a profitable serviced accommodation.

We will tailor and hand-pick items to suit your property style, targeted for the type of guest you wish to attract, and within the budget you have agreed with us. Your property will be unique in this respect and will stand out from the competition.

Your bespoke package will include project management, delivery and installation and the final dressing of the rooms. If desired, we can also liaise with the professional photographer for staging for lifestyle images. 

Price varies according to the property size and requirements.

Why Choose Us?

  • Award Winning
  • Time Saving
  • Cost Effective
  • Home staging

  • Furniture procurement service

  • Online or Onsite Service

  • Design Consultancy

  • Maximise smaller space

  • Full Installation (London, Surrey, Sussex, M25 SE and SW)